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today, 55 records shattered. we will update the deadly heat dome. plus, new clues in california on the mystery at the mansion. investigators have two bodies and few answers. tonight, what relatives are now saying about the crime scene that stumped the sheriff's department. emotional moment as america's last space shuttle returns to earth. >> after serving the world for over 30 years the space shuttle has taken its place in history. >> shepard: tonight the end of winner are a and, perhaps, the start of another. >> plus, our first real tour. >> but this is exactly what you will sees a you come down. >> shepard: through the space which will become the 9/11 museum. >> you begin to get a sense of the scale of the museum you are about to enter. >> shepard: and the visions what it will look like a year from now. >> it's been a five and a half year labor of love. >> shepard: that's tonight as fox reports on the rise of freedom.
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but, first from fox this thursday night, relatives of a man who died or i should say a woman who died at a millionaire's mansion are showing brand new frustration and demanding answers from police in southern california. the woman was the girlfriend of the millionaire drug executive named jonas shakni. last week somebody found her naked and hanging by her neck from a balcony. her wrists and ankles bound. it's not clear to us tonight whether she committed suicide or somebody murdered her. but the circumstances are complicated by the fact that just days before they found her hanging, she was home with this drug executive's young son when he apparently fell down the stairs. the 6-year-old so badly hurt he later died from his injuries. it's fox top story tonight. trace gallagher is on it from los angeles. trace, the woman's family is talking now. >> they are talking, shep, but they are saying the san diego county sheriff's department is not talking to them. rebecca is the woman who died
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and, today, we called her sister and a man answered the phone. he did not identify himself but he says the sheriffs have not given him any information, any kind of update since shortly after the body was found. that was more than a week ago. and today the sister released a statement making it very clear she believes this was a murder. she said, and i'm quoting, obviously the investigation is not complete yet. but as far as what i know about my sister, my sister did not commit a suicide. my sister was not depressed. my sister was not frantic. and the police just told us a short time ago, shep, the reasonable they have not called the family is they have nothing to tell them. >> shepard: what are police saying about the fact that her ankles and wrists were tied and many are asking how could you commit suicide like that. >> a former san diego homicide detective told us rebekah would have had to sit up on the ball can only at the mansion and tie her feet. then she would have had to wrap either the rope or the cord and her neck and then she would have been very agile to tie her hands
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behind her back. if she did all of that she could then slide off the balcony. he says the knot on the rope on her hands is the key. listen. >> i would think one of the critical things would be how the knot was tied. whether there was actually a knot or whether the rope was just looped to it would hold her hands or someone's hands or how that actual knot was tied. i would think that would be pretty difficult to do if it was an actual knot. >> there are reports that when paramedics arrived that rope, wrapped around her wrist had fallen off. tonight the police told us that is not accurate. that rope was still tied to her hands. shep? >> shepard: trace gallagher live in los angeles. good lordy it's hot. 141 million people in this country in more than two dozen states are sweltering through this heat wave. >> it's like sitting in a sauna all day long. >> hot and tired. >> i'm hot and sweaty and not in a very good mood. >> i don't blame you.
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across the eastern half of this nation temperatures combining with enormous humidity to make it feel well over 100 degrees. the conditions frankly are dangerous. prompting heat advisories all over the place. emergency crews report extreme conditions have already killed more than 20 people. our chief meteorologist rick reichmuth outside the fox headquarters in new york. i was out there 10 minutes ago. it is brutal. >> it is brutal, shepard. unfortunately for so many people we have had heat indices reached over 130 degrees this week in parts of the plains. so hot in the new york city that the statue of liberty had to close down the crown to visitors because the heat indices have been over 110. take a look at the maps. you can see the temperatures across the country cooling down a couple of degrees from the daytime highs, but it's still temps into the mid and upper 90's into so much of the area. factor in the humidity because this is really a humidity story with the heat, shepard. it feels like 109 in wawgdz. and it's 7:00 at night. that tells you exactly how hot it is and unfortunately, we have got some heat here across parts
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of the northeast that is going to break all kinds of records. over 60 records broken with this one, shep. >> shepard: wow, so it ends in like september or something? >> i mean, it's july. so when we get a break, it's not going to be huge break. there will be breaks across parts of the northeast. go back to the map and you can get an idea what we are looking at for tomorrow. a lot of areas. anywhere where red at least feeling like 90. darker red feeling like over 100. darker pink around 110. still chicago and nation's capital and still new york city. go to saturday and a little bit of a break across parts of the northeast. see that darker color move across the plains. move this heat around. any place across the south, shep, there is no relief in sight. >> shepard: that's the tag of it. >> that have been dealing with incredible high temperatures for so long. >> shepard: rick reichmuth live tonight midtown, manhattan. for the first time in decades the united states government no longer has the capability to lift humans from the american soil into space. because early this morning at the kennedy space center in
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florida, the last of the space e shuttle's "atlantis" returned home for the last time. >> landing gear down and locked. main gear touch down now deploying the drag chute. ferguson rotating the nose gear down to the deck. nose gear touched down. having fired the imagination of a generation, a ship like no other, it's place in history secured, the space shuttle pulls into port for the last time. its voyage at an end. >> shepard: and hours after touchdown the astronauts of shuttle "atlantis" gathered neither runway in front of the spaceship that carried them home. consider many of the people who took part in this mission did so knowing that as of tomorrow they
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are going to be out of work as nasa gets set for thousands of layoffs. difficult times ahead for the space coast and beyond. tax dollars fund plenty of important programs from medicare to social security, but that money could also be helping terrorists pad their pockets. just ahead, how some of the cash we fork over to the government, millions of dollars every day may be winding up in the taliban hands. there is breaking news now on fox news channel. you are looking live and lo and behold the football season may be saved. they are setting up for a news conference right now. the nfl commissioner roger goodell on what may be a new collective bargaining agreement. we will have live coverage. the nfl, please say it's true. hi. you know, i can save you 15% today
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i don't know. the usual? [ blower whirring ] sometimes it pays to switch things up. my - what, my hair? no. car insurance. i switched to progressive and they gave me discounts for the time i spent with my old company. saved a bunch. that's a reason to switch. big savings -- it's a good look for you. [ blower whirring ] [blower stops] the safety was off. out there with a better way. now, that's progressive. >> shepard: breaking news now on
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fox news channel, and it looks like we have great news for fans of the nfl on fox and beyond. the nfl network, which is owned by the nfl is now reporting team owners have ratified a new collective bargaining agreement, an important step in ending the four month old lockout. the players' union still has to agree toot plan so a news conference is coming up in this hour. you can see they are setting up for it on the left-hand side of your screen. jonathan serrie is covering this for us in atlanta where team owners are meeting today. jonathan, what too we know. >> well, shep, you can see the media sacrum behind me. we are outside the room where the news is taking place. the nfl network reporting that the owners have voted on a collective bargaining agreement. of course, now this goes to the players who have yet to approve this originally. we thought they were going to approve conditions of an agreement yesterday but they left meetings in washington, d.c. with no agreement whatsoever. however, both sides have been in constant contact with one
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another throughout the day. the executive director of the nfl players association demora smith has called for a conference call at 8:00 p.m. eastern time. and it's quite possible that some action will be taken on behalf of the players during that call. now, of course, the players, if they are going to sign on to any collective bargaining agreement legally they must reconstitute their union which they disbanded in march when the initial collective bargaining talks or contract talks broke down. so they would have to take a vote on reconstituting their union, which has been disbanded for four months and then they would be able to sign on to this agreement. on that 8:00 p.m. conference call that they will, at least agree to the principles of what the nfl owners have laid out.
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news conference begin at any minute. >> i figure i have here. the big question is, when could they get started. do you have a way of knowing yet? >> well, they are saying that over the next couple of days that the owners and the players, everyone involved is going to be some sort of orientation. everyone has to get used to the new rules. people who are already signed with teams, potentially could go to facilities over the weekend. however, free agency period. you are going to have some teams under the new salary cap rule, spending cap rules are going to have to drop some players, others acquiring players. we're told that the training camp also probably open over the course of the next week, shep. >> shepard: thank you, sir. jonathan serrie live in georgia. get them as the news conference begins. a new challenge to what's widely considered america's toughest immigration crackdown. keep a new law alabama take
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effect. the same groups are now trying to overturn that law. the attorney general for alabama is asking a judge to reject their original lawsuit. he claims it's vague and gistles no legal reason to throw out the law. both supporters and opponents agree. it's the toughest in all our land. it let's cops arrest nibble they suspect is in the country illegally. it requires schools and businesses to check the stalls of students and workers. it makes it a crime to negatively rent a home or even give a ride to an illegal immigrant. well, the husband of a missing woman in southeast missouri has broken his silence to say that he wants people to quit hassling him. is he clay waller. saying people have harassed him, threatened him, shot him in the leg with a pellet gun all because of his missing wife jackie waller. the mother of trip lets disappeared. the former police officer is a person of interest in this case. he insists the cops are on a
7:15 pm
witch-hunt. >> can't change how people feel. there is a lot of emotions that are running high right now. we just -- i just don't know what to say yet. i'm not sure. to be honest with you. we all are just sad. it's just sad on both sides of the fence here. >> but jackie wall ler's parents are not buying that story at all. they say it's especially hard on the trip triplitts who just want to know when mommy is coming home. >> couple nights ago, avery, the little blonde triplet was over at our house. doing kid things. avery disappeared for a few minutes. she came back and said she wanted stamp. you know, we are giving them anything they want, now.
7:16 pm
and so aruba gave her a stamp, and she came back and handed me this right here. this is the envelope that says yack can i waller in jackie waller, in her little handwriting, a little heart up here at the top. she said grand parks i want you to give this to mommy. and i said i would, honey, but i don't know exactly where mommy's at. she said oh, she is in heaven. she said get like next door. i said avery, i will give it to your mom the first chance i get. some day i will hand it to her. >> shepard: the parents say clay waller repeatedly threatened their daughter and they say they believe he is the one person who could tell everybody what's happened to her. john edwards. he cheated on his cancer-stricken wife. he secretly fathered a baby with a campaign aide. and he lied to everyone about
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>> shepard: continuing coverage from the nfl the owners, it is official now have voted yes on the contract. it was 31-0 with sources saying that the oakland radars abstained. now it goes to the players. they have to reform their union. a rep says not to expect a vote tonight from the players. maybe as early as tomorrow and then we can get this party
7:21 pm
started. your tax dollars in the pockets of the enemy. that is the warning in a new report on the united states aide to afghanistan. listen to this. investigators say as much as $10 million per day may be leaving can kabul. that's $3 billion a year. the u.s. has spent more than 70 billion on afghanistan over the past decade and investigators say there is no way to know how much of that cash ended up in the hands of the taliban militants who were trying to kill our troops. $10 million a day lost somewhere. jen griffin live at the pentagon. how could this happen? >> well, it happened right under the noses of the afghan authorities and the u.s. authorities. the u.s. had tried to get the afghans to start cracking down, checking the suitcases of at the kabul international airport. when they did, the just started driving on to the tarmac up to the planes with the money in their suitcases, according to
7:22 pm
this report. now afghan authorities won't allow u.s. officials into the v.i.p. area at the kabul airport to help them screen and that's not all. this is from the audit, quote: limited afghanistan cooperation has negatively programs to strengthen financial sector and address money laundering and paris financing. 21 leads forwarded by the only four were pursued to prosecution by the afghan attorney general's office. and president karzai, we're told, in the report, no longer will allow u.s. officials inside da bull central bank to monitor what's going on there. shep. >> shepard: jennifer, any evidence that u.s. tax dollars are going directly to the taliban militants? >> that's certainly the implications in this report though they don't provide any evidence in particular. this is a quote from the report. quote. the united states scored millions of aid dollars into a country plagued by corruption, insurgency and the narcotics trade. it's essential that we use all available tools to ensure u.s.
7:23 pm
dollars are protected from fraud and diversion into the insurgency. the report calls on the u.s. military to start marking the serial numbers of the cash that they give to their contractors in afghanistan. shep. >> shepard: jennifer griffin live at the pentagon, thank you. there is no such thing as a high class pimp. that's a quote from the brooklyn, new york today. suspected charges against prosecution ring. accused of selling sex and drugs to the millionaires on wall street. the d.a. says a couple and their two sons ran things off and charging more than $10,000 a night for services religion dered. >> the custom is a real high end customer coming from financial markets many of them. hedge fund people. people with nothing but money. and willing to pay these enormous amounts of money for god knows what. >> shepard: prosecutors say the 24-hour business advertised escort services on several web sites and took in more than $2 million a year. a lawyer for the owner says they
7:24 pm
didn't know anything was illegal happening. in all, five corporations and 17 people now facing prostitution and drug charges stemming from this bust. it seems you could ask for champagne and they knew that was code for cocaine. well, another high stakes meeting on raising the debt limit. so is there a deal or is there not a deal? we will go live to the white house to get the very latest. plus, how would you like to make millions of dollars selling personal information from driver's licenses? turns out there is an american state that sells driver's license information that they got from people people everywhere and guess what that state made last year? >> hang on. verizon claims i 4g lte is twi as fast as &t.
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>> shepard: beer is an alcoholic beverage. not news to us really. but it is brand new news in russia. reports out of moscow indicate now the president there dmitry medvedev just signed a bill that for the first time officially classifies beer as an alcoholic beverage. what was it until now? it was a food because it contained less than 10% alcohol. the new law has not yet taken effect. and apparently does not apply to light beer. which, for now, still counts as food, obviously. i'm hungry. i'm shepard smith. this is the fox report. it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news.
7:29 pm
president obama calling democratic leaders to the white house tonight for more talks on raising the nation's debt ceiling with august 2nd dead line. today there were reports the president and the house speaker john boehner were close to a deal then both sides denied it speaker boehner warned of the consequences of not cutting the deficit and raising the debt limit saying any american with a mortgage, car loan, or credit card could pay the price. >> if the united states of america's debt rating gets downgraded, every interest rate in america will go up. >> shepard: not all. officials say they have to decide which bills they can and cannot pay. that means things like social security checks, military salaries, and veterans benefits, unemployment benefits, and student loans. wendell goler at the white house tonight. what do we know about this meeting with the dems and the president? >> shep, we know it just wrapped up after an hour and 45 minutes. one of the longest meetings yet.
7:30 pm
one of the reports out indicate the president was prepared to agree to $3 trillion in spending cuts without any increase in revenue. and his aides spent some time knocking that down. the president may have wanted to give democratic congressional leaders his personal assurance that he wasn't prepared to agree to cuts in social security and medicare. in exchange for a package that aides say would be both unfair and unbalanced and could actually hold back the economic recovery. house speaker john boehner part of any package. the house will go along with. the president has met separately with democrats and republicans in recent days, but they haven't all met together in a week, shepard. >> shepard: the senate is veto vote tomorrow on a house republican plan that everybody knows is not going to pass in the senate. >> well, and there is some question about that but, you know, it satisfies senate republicans. democrats say the plan has no chance of passing the democrat-controlled senate and
7:31 pm
even less of getting the president's signature. republicans say if it were to pass the senate, the president would certainly have to sign it. and that led to this interesting exchange. >> i will bet you a porter house steak if it lands on his desk, he will sign this puppy. >> wield take that bet and i would refrain from heading to the safeway to buy any wine because the president has very clearly vowed to veto a bill if such a bill were to arrive on his desk. >> all this going on, shepard, 12 days before the nation bumps up against its debt ceiling. >> wendell goler live at the white house. thanks. updating breaking news now. team owners of the national football league have voted in favor of the new deal with the players to end the nfl lockout. just a moment ago we heard from the league commissioner roger goodell clarified the time line. listen. >> we will be prepared to open the training facilities beginning on saturday, this saturday. we will then be prepared to start the new league year next
7:32 pm
wednesday, subject to the full membership of the players wrathing the agreement, recertifying as a union. >> the commissioner making it clear that he wants that to happen and quickly. >> hopefully we can all work quickly, expeditiously and get this agreement done. it is time to get back to football. that is what everybody here wants to do. >> shepard: everybody here, too. the players union has scheduled a conference call to schedule this deal. that's to happen at the top of the next hour. your safety could be selling information from your driver's license right now. it's apparently perfectly legal under something called the drivers privacy protection act. the state of florida reportedly made, get this, more than $60 million last year selling floridians driver's personal information to employers, insurance companies, and data firms. state officials tell local television stations they do not sell social security numbers but
7:33 pm
names, addresses, birth dates, even what kind of car you own all up for grabs. the law does allow drivers to opt out of the program, no word on whether you have to wait online at the dmv to get that done. new troubles for john edwards and they are serious. the disgraced exsenator now owes the government more than $2 million from his 2008 presidential campaign. that, the unanimous ruling by the federal election commission today. his lawyers have said he doesn't owe a dime. it's not the first time the feds have gone after john edwards over campaign funds. they indicted him last month on felony charges. of using almost a million dollars to cover up an affair and love child with this woman, reel hunter. all while his wife elizabeth was battling cancer. battle she lost. "the fox report's" chief correspondent is here now. jonathan hunt is with us. this is not directly about those allegations of covering up the affair, right? >> not directly, shep. this is a copy of the full audit. and according to the fec it
7:34 pm
amounts to accounting issues over federal funds, not illegal activity. a statement sent to us from the fec said in part the commission has an obligation to ensure that candidates who participate in the presidential matching funds program use those public funds consistent with the law and repayment determinations are one tool the commission has to fulfill that obligation. one commissioner described this as being, quote, just a math problem. on the other hand, it all adds to the murkiness of the edwards campaign funding. given that the chief accusation against him in the ongoing federal case is that he did, indeed, funnel campaign cash to the effort to hide that affair with rielle hunter. shep? >> shepard: as of "studio b" this afternoon nobody from john edwards' camp has talked. what about now? >> one of edwards' attorney has just now told the associated press they will appeal this ruling.
7:35 pm
campaign account which at the end of last month had 2.6 million in cash on hand. edwards, of course, is a very wealthy man and this would have no effect on his personal fortune estimated at somewhere north of $25 million; shep. jonathan hunt live in the newsroom. thank you. the law that banned gays from serving openly in the military will officially be on its way out tomorrow. two officials say the pentagon will announce it is ready to certify the repeal of don't ask, don't tell. that will require the secretary of defense leon pa net tax the joint chiefs chairman admiral mike mullen and finally president obama to sign off on the plan that is all expected to happen. once it does, there will be a 60 day waiting period until the repeal actually takes effect. the rides of freedom now, our
7:36 pm
continuing look at the building of the world trade center site here in new york. the 9/11 memorial set to reopen on the 10 year remembrance of that tragedy. allowing the public to return to the site for the first time since the attacks. but, beneath that memorial. crews are still hard at work building the 9/11 museum. it's scheduled to open a year from september. and as the place begins to take shape. the folks at the museum gave our journalists an early preview. it's the first time they have allowed a national crew to enter that museum the way the public will. ♪ >> when we think of museums, we think of buildings that house art facts. and this my sim, out sem, this museum is set within artifact. >> alice greenawalt took our cameras into that artifact through a pavilion of the footprint of the towers. past a pair of steel stridents.
7:37 pm
>> we start our expedition experience here. >> long sloped walkway recalls the ramp that crews used to recover and rebuild. >> the first thing you begin to understand as you walk down the ramp is that you are not in a conventional museum. you are surrounded by the foundational elements of a construction site. >> shepard: including the slurry wall which holds back the hudson river and the final column of the structural steel that crews removed from ground zero. >> the challenges of this museum are enormous. it's not like a beautiful big room with white walls that you can hang paintings in. we have a story to tell with extraordinary art facts. >> art facts like the survivors' staircase. the only route of he is same for make it out that way. visitors pass it on the way to the memorial exhibition. >> in this corridor as can you imagine walls surrounding us. what you will see is the portraits of nearly 3,000 people in alphabetical order with their names attached to the portrait
7:38 pm
floor to ceiling overwhelming all around you. >> shepard: nearby the names the names. >> siewnge marie klein. and stories. >> andy was the greatest father. he was very, very involved with the boy snrs. >> of every single victim. with the underlying message that it could have happened to anyone. >> when you see yourself in other people, you recognize, number one, this is not someone else's loss. it's our loss. collectively. and, number two, an act of terrorism anywhere is an assault on everyone. that's a fundamental message of this museum. >> shepard: was down there just a couple of days ago. what a sight. what you saw there only scratches the surface of what the museum will include. you can find much more from that tour plus commentary from the folks in charge of planning the museum as a web extra. go to later tonight. we'll have another story on the rise of freedom next week. the news breaking this hour, word of a final deal to end the
7:39 pm
four month nfl lockout. ahead, the latest on this last ditch bid to save the 2011 season. plus, we will show you the fake apple store. so convincing we're told even employees thought it was the real thing.
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a network of possibilities. in here, the planned combination of at&t and t-mobile would deliver our next generation mobile broadband experience to 55 million more amecans, many in small towns and rural communities,
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giving them a new choice. we'll deliver better service, with thousands of new cell sites... f greater access to all the things you want, whenever you want them. it's the at&t network... and what's possible in here is almost impossible to say. sthep shep well, as one economist put it today, we're just stuck. he was reacting to a labor department report that shows more people signed up for unemployment benefits last week, the number of first time claims up 10,000 from the previous week. for a while, that total at the bottom of your screen was consistently falling. no more. it's been stuck above 400,000 since the start of april. peter barnes from the fox business network in d.c. tonight. what's the problem? >> well, shep, during the debts of the recession unemployment claims averaged 6,000 a week. they dropped steadily last year thanks to some job creation.
7:43 pm
but claims remain elevated and could stay there for a while. >> you have to have a boosted confidence increased demand for those products that u.s. companies manufacture, produce. they sell internationally. that, perhaps, is not going to happen any time soon, i'm afraid >> healthy economy jobless claims run 250,000 to 300,000 a week, shepard. >> shepard: nobody is hiring. noble is hiring. and the stock market is soaring. help me understand that. >> well, stocks are higher in part because corporate profits are coming in strong for another quarter. but profits remain strong in part because many companies are keeping their costs down by holding off on hiring. some economists blame washington. all of the policy uncertainty here that could effect how much it costs to hire a worker. they say that getting a deal done on deficits and the debt ceiling, shepard, could help settle a lot of questions for anxious employers. >> shepard: peter barnes live in d.c. peter, thank you. the federal aviation
7:44 pm
administration is in danger of shutting down this weekend. the f.a.a., of course, in charge of air safety and air traffic control and other things. and congress has until tomorrow to pass a bill to keep it up and running. right now lawmakers can't seem to agree on about $8 million in airline service communities. republicans want to eliminate them to reign in spending. hurt local economies. transportation secretary ray la hood washes a shutdown would cost the government about $200 million a week in ticket sale taxes alone. also furlough some 400,000 workers but that air traffic controllers would stay on the job. a gamble reportedly worth $20 million could set off a new gold rush in one state and it tops our news across america. california. a group of investors looking to strike it rich in the sierra foothills of san francisco. looking to blast away at an old god mine.
7:45 pm
>> there gold fever. >> one estimate indicating that mine could contain more than $1 billion worth of nuggets. new jersey. a small helicopter crash landing northeast of trenton. emergency workers taking the pilot and his female passenger to the hospital. florida. a police foundation northeast of orlando coming up with a way to raise money. let people become cops for a day. those who pass a background check and pay $250 can learn to shoot at a gun range, train with a canine unit, or ride along with officers on their job. texas. a city officer shutting down a kid's lemonade stand south of san antonio. >> they said you needed a permit to sell and. >> at home. >> there it sits pink and regular lemonade. the law has to do with food safety. the kids apparent live don't see it that way. >> poison in there it's just
7:46 pm
lemonade. >> the children say they were just trying to raise money to help take care of their pet hermit crabs and that's a fox watch across america. >> fox across america is brought to you by union pacific. >> casey anthony may be free but getting her out of jail certainly wasn't. her defense team has billed the state for its services. we will tell you how much floridians have to pay so far. plus, the next time you complain about your commute, ask yourself did it take you more than a day to get from point toomplet point b? a traffic jam beyond into the exclusion of anything even californias have ever seen. we have been trumped again. ♪ keeps coming around the bend. [ male announcer ] walls can talk.
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>> shepard: lawyers for the convicted liar casey anthony say they are now receiving death threats. the attorney cheney's wife called 911 and told a dispatcher she is worried for her family's safety. >> i'm just getting a lot of threatening phone calls at my home. and i really am trying to get the telephone company to cooperate. on my line. and they don't want to do that. i hate to call you. i would just like an officer to respond so can i get something done tonight. >> shepard: she claims one caller told her, quote. your scum bag husband and baez better sleep with one eye open. baez, of course, is the defense attorney jose baez. meantime we're getting an idea of just how much floridians will shell out for casey anthony's case. her defense team has billed the state of florida close to $150,000 so far. shannon butler of our local fox
7:51 pm
station wolf 35 for central florida is live there now. break down those expenses for us if you could. >> well, in march of 2010, the florida taxpayers started paying for casey anthony's defense because, frankly she was broke. she declared herself indigent that means somebody had to pick up the bill for her defense. right now the state has reimbursed jose baez $119,000. that's just now. there is much more to go. and those are things like investigative costs. subpoenas, court reporting, even some healthy valuations for her. i mean, that's just a small part of that. and we're not even talking about the prosecution who says they have already billed $1,000 to the taxpayers. that's expected to go up. we are not even close to talking about the orange county sheriff's office how much money this is going to cost them and cost the taxpayers once this is all done. we are talking hundreds of thousands of dollars. remember, this was all for a little girl who was never
7:52 pm
missing. >> shepard: thinking has been all along casey anthony might make a lot of money off of this. someone has offered her $5 million for a television interview? >> yeah jake. i just interviewed him a few minutes ago. he said he is going to pay $5 million. ask you why he? says that's how much it's going to take. >> well, obviously everyone wants to hear her talk and everybody believes she is all about lies. i honestly think 5 million is what it is going to take. >> so i did ask him if he has discussed the deal with jose baez or casey anthony. he says that he has sent an email to the office. he has also talked to casey anthony's agent. he wouldn't talk about what they said or didn't say. i asked him today do you have $5 million and she says yes. he said yes, he does. he would not say where he got that money from. then i said what are you going to do here? he says he is going to produce this interview himself and, of course, try to sell it to the highest bidder. >> shepard: shannon butler from fox 35 from orlando. thanks to you and your
7:53 pm
colleagues. china's notorious for businesses that make counterfeit products. now a blogger discovered fake apple stores. look at these photos of three supposed outlets in southern china. anybody who has been at apple store recognizes the look. lots of white. apple's web site does not list any stores in this part of china. that blogger claims the fraud is so complete even some of the employees say they are working for the company. no comment from apple. bear alert. [growling] >> think triple digit temperatures are bad. try enduring them covered with a blanket of fur in a forest without airconditioning. one bear found the solution to the surprise of one human. and speaking of airconditioning, you can thank cornell graduate willis carrier for that he built the first modern a.c. unit 1902 while work for a buffalo
7:54 pm
printing plant. before that folks used fans and ice to fight the heat. willis carrier later perfected his product and started the carrier corporation which still makes the cooling systems to this day. thank you, mr. carrier, for attempting to keep us cool it is a tall order on this thursday night. ♪ ooh baby, looks like you need a little help there ♪ ♪ ooh baby, (what) can i do for you today? ♪ [ feme announcer ] need help keeping your digestive balance?
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>> shepard: bear alert. a woman in jersey caught a wild animal crashing her backyard pool. not snooki, not the situation. the division of fish and wildlife reports and our employees who live in jersey can confirm bears are a common problem in jersey neighborhoods. they typically go through trash seeking food, food and, of course, a ride on the trampoline. a former rehab worker filing suit against lindsay lohan claiming the address assaulted her over a breathalyzer test. it comes as lindsay reports she
7:58 pm
cannot afford to pay for mandatory counseling sessions. before we got fox report's top five things of the day. number five. >> it is time to get back to football. that is what everybody here wants to do. >> true that. nfl owners tonight voted unanimously in favor of a tentative deal to end the four month lockout. now the players have to approve it. number four, word the mayor of london has fined president obama nearly $200 for the congestion his motorcade caused during a trip there back in may. number three, the u.s. treasury selling remaining shares of chrysler to the italian car maker fiat. number two, federal election officials say exsenator john edwards owes them more than $2 million over an accounting mistake during his presidential campaign. john edwards' lawyers deny it. and number one, the family of a woman who died at the california mansion rejecting claims that she may have committed suicide and that's "the fox report's"
7:59 pm
top five. and on this day in the year 1862 then president martin van buren slipped into a coma. he had served as the nation's eighth president and was the first commander and chief born an american citizen. he also had a reputation for enjoying fine clothing, fine food, and a lot of alcohol. historians say his love of drink led to the nickname blue whiskey van. but the habit also may have contributed to his long list of illnesses including frequent colds, asthma, and gout. he died three days after he fell into that coma. but a former president began to fade away 149 years ago today. and now you know the news for this thursday, july the 21st, 2011. i'm shepard smith. thank you for like, i don't know, everything. >> "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight.

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